Late Summer Ride 2016

Today was the 5th anniversary of our annual meeting. Despite having some difficulties and organisational problems in the planning process, we had a great day and time to catch up with our air-cooled friends. Allthough it was rather cold and windy, 40 rides made their way up to the Kahlenberg parking lot. Unfortunately we couldn’t provide an extensive catering this year, but we had hot coffee and sweet snacks. As a special treat we had a giveaway with beautiful air-cooled cakes provided by Kuchenboutique, before starting our ride over the historic Höhenstraße. Thanks to our visitors who joined us today!

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Le Bug Show 2016

For the second time we traveled in a group of five bugs and nine people to the very famous bug show at the Circuit de Spa in Belgium. We were fascinated as much as last time when we saw all the nice rides of the air-cooled vehicle range of Volkswagen.

Time passes quickly when there is so much to see and to do like watching the drag races, driving your bug over the 7km long track behind the pace car or browse through the swap meet.

Amongst the over 2000 vehicles and much more visitors we also met a few Austrians like the crew of the Alpvolks community which we also support (visit their store). Now check out our pictures of the show!


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International Alpe-Adria bug meeting 2016

For the eleventh time the 1. Kärntner VW-Käferclub organised their biennial meeting for all air-cooled Volkswagen in Bodensdorf at the Ossiacher Lake, which we always look forward to.

Our group of ten elephant feet tail lights featured some specials like a jubilee bug and the “Open Air” of our new member Jan. Benjamin mounted his new wheels and Christian brought his old Buggy back on the streets – still without roof and braving the weather.

But luckily most of the time the weather held up, so we could enjoy the lake and take a look at the over 250 rides there. The only hitch was a navigation problem at the great panoramic trip where a lot of members got lost, but we caught the others.


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Grein was a real burner!

This saturday we went to the Strudengauers’ meeting in Grein, which is always pleasant and matey, even though they hadn’t the weather on their side the last years. This time it meant to be better, as the temperature was up, sun was shining, no rain was in sight and a bunch of real nice pieces of old metal showed up. Around noon most of the participants got on the tour and we left as well. When we returned, we immediately realized there was something wrong, as smoke was rising form the Aumühle, a nearby Wellness-Hotel. Then the events came thick and fast! The first firemen arrived, we helped the Strudengauers to get their stuff out of the danger zone and then we all couldn’t do anything more, but watch the firefighters do their job. Hopefully the Strudengauers don’t let themselves discourage by this tragedy!IMGP1388

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