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The work goes on…

Januar 2, 2012 Repairs and modifications 0

There is a lot of work waiting for Flo, Friedrich and Matthias at the garage but they keep on working. The engine of Flo’s 1303S is nearly finished and also other things are almost done. Many parts are new like the cylinder heads as well as the cylinders and pistons. Remanufactured parts of the heating system for Friedrichs Fuscar. Fuscar parts. Matthias was also at Friedrich’s place to put in his rear bench. (Above his bug: The 66’ Fuscar) Read more

Crusing in the winter

Januar 2, 2012 Photo Shoots, Trips 0

Last weekend Georgy and Flo took a ride in Georgy’s bug to keep the old engine in motion. They get to many places and also to the big parking lot on the highest point of the Höhenstraße in Vienna as you can see on the last picture. Read more