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DLV goes Belgian

14. November 2013 Meetings 0

After our trip to VolksWorld Show this year we decided to visit the phenomenal Le Bug Show on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2014! It will be our first time there and if you are also interested by traveling in convoy to this great event please contact us: Read more

DLV barn – where cars become barnfinds

4. November 2013 Allgemein 0

If you can’t hold on buying old cars you have to look for more space. Therefore we bought a farm in the middle of nowhere to store them. Read more

Watch out!

29. Oktober 2013 Videos 0

Video by PePe Productions – Read more

Coming up soon

27. Oktober 2013 Videos 0

A short video about the ‘84 Mexican. Stay tuned! Read more

Another Automuseum Wolfsburg Video…

22. Oktober 2013 Videos 0

… but each time nice to watch! Read more