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VW Bug Show Spa

August 19, 2013 Videos 0

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At the Slovakian Border

August 4, 2013 Meetings 0

On the weekend we visited a gathering of air-cooled Volkswagens in Angern an der March, right at the border to Slovakia. But it was so hot at that day (104°F or 40°C in the shade), that we just spent a couple hours at the meeting. Now we’re looking forward to our annual event called “Late Summer Ride” on September 15! Read more

Bug Meeting in Lengenfeld

Juli 14, 2013 Meetings 0

Yesterday we visited the “20th bug meeting Lengenfeld” in Lower Austria. Also Chris hit the road in his buggy – the first time this season, to be one of estimated 150 rides. Read more

Who pulls who??

Juli 9, 2013 Allgemein 0

Friedrich and Matthias reorganised the parking space in Upper Austria, so they had to move the trailer to an other place on their property. During the moving process they had to pick up some wood planks from the saw mill. Thus they connected the trailer to a Trabbi from Friedrich and drove to the saw mill… As it happens to be the trailer is a little bit longer than the actual car. Greetings from Upper Austria! Read more

Driving to the Czech Republic

Juli 6, 2013 Meetings 0

Last weekend we visited the 2nd VW Beetle Show of Nappersdorf in our province of Lower Austria. Together with all the other visitors we drove to the border of the Czech Republic and the so-called “Excalibur City”. Read more

Call Your Cunados

Juli 4, 2013 Videos 0

„Cuñado“ means brother in law in Spanish. In their circle of early bus friends they use the term as a bond between others that transcends the split window bus. Cuñado is a mindset and camaraderie developed through owning and maintaining early split window buses, camping, grilling out, and attending car shows and swap meets. Read more

Happy Birthday, Herbie!

Juni 29, 2013 Herbie's World Tour 0

June 28 is the official birthday of Walt Disney’s Love Bug. Therefore we’re celebrating Herbie’s 50th anniversary this year and especially on this particular day, even though our Love Bug wasn’t manufactured on that exact date. But one is for sure, 1963 is the year in which Herbies all around the world were made. Happy Birthday! Domi celebrated Herbie’s B-Day together with our friends Georgy, Matthias and Florian (from left to right) and their Beetles at a vintage car show in the South of Vienna. Read more

News from Flo’s garage

Juni 25, 2013 Allgemein 0

Flo has trade his 1303 body to this ‘55 Oval bug with the rare “Golde” sunroof. Georgy can proof that Flo alwas wanted to have an Oval and a T1. Maybe it’s the nex project car after the bus is finished. Will see… Read more

The International Day of the VW Beetle

Juni 22, 2013 Allgemein 0

Today, June 22, we’re celebrating the International Day of the Volkswagen Beetle. Read more