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Domi’s Trabi want to say hello to his owner in africa!

Januar 10, 2013 Allgemein 0

Domi has parked his Trabant in a barn near his hometown. Flo and Georgy visited the little car last week to bring one of Friedrichs cars there. In front of Domi’s car you can see the bug from Christopher who has also took it there for the winter. Read more

Yellow headlamp lenses

Januar 8, 2013 Repairs and modifications 0

From BOSCH for Flo’s Pizza-Pasta-Bus. Till TÜV do us part – that’s Austria… (“TÜV” is the technical inspection association) Read more

Things have changed

Januar 6, 2013 Allgemein 0

On the picture below you can see the parking lot on the Kahlenberg in Vienna, exactly where our first meeting took place in September 2012. We found this photo on the FB page “Vintage Vienna”. As you can see there’s a lot of change. You can’t enjoy the view and let’s be honest, the street lights were far more beautiful than theese days. Read more

Spare parts for the T1

Januar 3, 2013 Repairs and modifications 0

Flo bought some parts for his Pizza-Pasta-Bus to install them after sandblasting and repainting while renovate the original ones. Read more