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Another aircool ride for Flo’s collection

20. Mai 2013 Allgemein 1

Flo has spontaneously bought this Trabant 600 or P60 from 1963. First he only want to polish the car, fix the brakes and complete the missing parts. Beside the P60 you can also see Friedrich’s P50 or Trabant 500 from 1958. Read more

Luft 13 Promo

14. Mai 2013 Videos 0

A preview of the forthcoming Luft13 film project celebrating Aircooled Volkswagens worldwide brought to you by Stephen Brooks Films Read more

Around the World in 80 Countries

We arrived back home! Safely! Herbie made it again – and this while pulling a caravan the long way round Africa. Our dream of traveling this last missing continent (except Antarctica of course) became actually reality. Since September 2009 we visited 80 countries while driving two Volkswagen Beetles from 1963 with campers in tow for more than 115,000 miles (or 185,000 kilometers) around the globe. We need a break and Herbie a pit stop! Therefore we’ll stay home for quite a while before hitting the... Read more

Eggenburg 2013

1. Mai 2013 Meetings 0

This year, the VW Bug meeting in Eggenburg celebrated its 23rd anniversary. DLV visited the biggest event of its kind in Austria for the fifth time. About 550 aircooled vehicles were counted, here are some impressions. Read more

Thanks Guys

30. April 2013 Allgemein 0

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