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1st Hot Summer Nights at SCS ‘14

Mai 10, 2014 Meetings 0

Yesterday Georgy, Matthias, Flo an their friend Felix joined the first US-Car Meeting in the South of Vienna. They noticed that the Austrian parking lots are way too small. Check out the pictures below. Read more

The Blue Trabant

April 30, 2014 Herbie's World Tour 1

Today we found Domi’s “Trabi” in a local newspaper. A pedestrian took a picture of Domi driving through his hometown Klosterneuburg. Read more

The Story of VIN 903847

April 30, 2014 Trips 0

This is a great story about a man and his car, a Volkswagen Beetle from 1955, who traveled around the world and reunited decades later. This Bug is still running! Wolfgang Paul Loofs (see below) tells his story about touring the world in an “Ovale”. Watch the documentary called “Once More. The Story of VIN 903847”! Read more

Beetles & Wines

April 28, 2014 Meetings 0

Yesterday Flo and Domi visited wine quarter’s “2nd Show for Vintage Cars” in Enzersfeld. Flo took his daily summer driver from 1966 and Domi his “Trabi” for the ride to the show. There we met our friends Kathi, Ilse and Peter who introduced us to their new car. Read more

The Summer Season Has Begun!

April 26, 2014 Meetings 0

The days are getting warmer again and classic cars are waking up from their winter sleep. Yesterday we visited our first show this year. It’s called “Altblech Friday Night Cruising” in the South of Vienna. We showed up together friends of the legendary Trabant (“Trabantfreunde”). On September 20 we’re hosting the 3rd Late Summer Ride of Vienna! Read more

Filigrani Italiani Automobili Turini

April 22, 2014 Allgemein 0

What do you do, when you need new Headlights for your car? Go to your partdealer and buy them! And what does our friend Flo do? He buys the whole car. Nearly the whole car… A big thanks to Benjamin for his perfect sized trailer! And thanks to Robert Prokschi from for this…thing!     Read more

Milestones have been reached

März 30, 2014 Allgemein 0

Thanks guys for over 100.000 clicks on our blog! By the way our KdF-Channel has over 600 videos to watch! Read more

Note that

März 18, 2014 Allgemein 0

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