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The Dirtiest Bug in Town

16. Juni 2014 Meetings 0

At the “Volkswagen Beetle Show of Stockerau”, arranged by the KDKF Austria,  Domi got the prize for the “dirtiest Bug” as Herbie’s engine compartment is still covered by the red mud of Africa – the award of course should rather honor Herbie’s World Tour. Georgy, Flo and Domi spent the entire Sunday together – first at the show and later on harvesting cherries at Flo’s place in his native town Gerasdorf, just outside of Vienna. Read more

Vee Dubs in the Wachau Valley

1. Juni 2014 Meetings 0

This weekend we took a ride to Grein by the Danube to visit the annual air-cooled Volkswagen show of “Käferfreunde Strudengau”. On our way we followed the Danube river upstream driving through the world famous Wachau Valley, a UNESCO world heritage site. Domi just returned home from his stay in the USA and at the show we met our friend and club mechanic Friedrich who owns a “little house” over there. Read more

Attention! 1967 bugs become more worth…

17. Mai 2014 Allgemein 0

… because until yesterday it’s one less. Poor Matthias, we’ll help you to get back on the road. Read more

Vespa Servizio

Gregors PK 80S needed a few updates, including new tyres which were from 2001 and 1995! While we were at it, we also changed the front shock absorber and the broken speedometer cable, and added clear turn signal lenses. Read more