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Third Oldtimer Meeting in Enzersfeld

April 29, 2015 Allgemein 0

Last Sunday as Georgy, Fabi, Lisa and Markus where at the “Seiberer Bergpreis”, Domi, Benjamin and Flo visited the Oldtimer community in Enzersfeld. Take a look: Read more

The family is getting bigger

November 19, 2014 Allgemein 0

Our new member Max is now on the road with his loved bug – have a good ride! Read more

Bad news

August 28, 2014 Allgemein 1

I have read about this tragic event on the styrian bustards blog. I want to share it with you because there’s a call for donations for this guy. Brand – Supergau!! VW Schrauberhalle Raub der Flammen! Das Schlimmste, was einem VW Schrauber passieren kann, traf dieses Wochenende meinen Kumpel Andreas Lerch aus dem Landkreis Traunstein / D. Seine (angemietete) Schrauberhalle inkl. vieler einmaliger Oldtimer (VW T1 Bosch Bus, low-light Karmann Ghia, Ovali, Brezel, Alfa, Alltags Audi Cabrio,…), Ersatzteile, dem genialen Fokker – Bus Motor, Werkzeuge,….wurde... Read more

Attention! 1967 bugs become more worth…

Mai 17, 2014 Allgemein 0

… because until yesterday it’s one less. Poor Matthias, we’ll help you to get back on the road. Read more

Filigrani Italiani Automobili Turini

April 22, 2014 Allgemein 0

What do you do, when you need new Headlights for your car? Go to your partdealer and buy them! And what does our friend Flo do? He buys the whole car. Nearly the whole car… A big thanks to Benjamin for his perfect sized trailer! And thanks to Robert Prokschi from for this…thing!     Read more

Milestones have been reached

März 30, 2014 Allgemein 0

Thanks guys for over 100.000 clicks on our blog! By the way our KdF-Channel has over 600 videos to watch! Read more

Note that

März 18, 2014 Allgemein 0

Read more

You can’t get enough bugs

Februar 26, 2014 Allgemein 0

Flo is still unteachable – if there’s a good deal, he makes it. So his new car is a 1964 export model. It is the last one with small windows and the flat windshield. Sadly the last owner left it standing outside in the mud for about 10 years. Read more

A Quarter of A Century

Januar 25, 2014 Allgemein 1

The co-founder of DLV and our dear friend, Flo, is celebrating his 25th birthday today. Therefore we all wish you, Flo, a happy, happy birthday and all the best for your next quarter century! Read more

Lost Herbie found

Januar 20, 2014 Allgemein 0

‘63 Ragtop now in Flo’s possession! Read more