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32th Maikäfertreffen Hannover Part 2

Mai 19, 2015 Meetings, Trips 0

So here are the missing rides of the show. Of course these pictures shows just a small part of the 3000 aircooled vehicles at the meeting. It was a great expirience for us to be there. Watch out for the next station of our trip through North Germany! Read more

32th Maikäfertreffen Hannover Part 1

Mai 17, 2015 Meetings, Trips 0

Once a year we’re travelling to one international VW show. This time we were at the annual Maikäfertreffen in Hannover. This entry shows the Buses, Type 3s, Kübelwagens, Fridolin and Porsche 914. Next time you’ll see the bugs, Karmann Ghias and Porsche 356. Read more

May Cruise Madness

Mai 13, 2015 Meetings, Trips, Videos 0

This was our first time at the May Cruise Madness – the meeting before the meeting, which was hosted by DFL – Der fieser Luftkühlers. This was just the beginning of the trip – stay “slammed and fooshed” for more pictures of our adventure! To wrap it up here’s a video of this aircooled evening! Read more

30th Seiberer Bergpreis

April 27, 2015 Meetings, Trips 0

This Oldtimer-contest has been organized by Erster Oesterreichischer Kleinwagenclub for twenty years now, and has established itself as a traditional act to start of the Austrian Oldtimer season. The Wachau in the province of Lower Austria with its mountain Seiberer (near Weiszenkirchen on the Danube) offers the appropriate scenic environment.    We had a great time being part of this event! Read more

Impressions of 2014

The year is nearly over and we want to share our impressions of 2014. From the mania of Flo’s car purchases over our visit of the famous Le Bug Show in Belgium up to our third Late Summer Ride. Enjoy the pictures! With this we want to wish you all the best for the upcoming season! Read more

The Story of VIN 903847

April 30, 2014 Trips 0

This is a great story about a man and his car, a Volkswagen Beetle from 1955, who traveled around the world and reunited decades later. This Bug is still running! Wolfgang Paul Loofs (see below) tells his story about touring the world in an “Ovale”. Watch the documentary called “Once More. The Story of VIN 903847”! Read more

The Moped Riders

März 7, 2014 Herbie's World Tour, Trips 0

Last weekend Flo and Domi where driving to Flo’s property in Lower Austria. While they were driving through the so-called “Wood Quarter” – the northwestern part of the province, they got to know an older gent who’s repairing and selling motorcycles. Domi returned with two mopeds. He bought a “KTM Hobby” from 1984 and a vintage “JAWA Stadion” from 1964 – both in good working condition. Now Flo and Domi are both looking forward to ride their mopeds in the upcoming summer season. They picked... Read more

Herbie’s Got a Friend

Juni 17, 2013 Trips 0

Today Domi and his friend Matthias, nephew of Friedrich Hübsch, picked up a 1960 Volkswagen Bug in the very South of Burgenland, one of nine Austrian provinces. The black Beetle resides in its original condition. It still has the original paint, six volt and 1,100 cc with 30 horsepower. And it seems like that this vehicle has never been welded. The only question remains is, who the next owners will be? Either Katharina, a friend and DLV club member of ours, or Domi and Zainab.... Read more

Pulling a IFA F9 from the former DDR to Austria

April 22, 2013 Trips 0

In order Flo and FloW get to Germany to bring Friedrich a new ride. He bought this IFA F9 from 1955 online. It is a three cylinder twin-stroke-engined car. The F9 is simmilar to the DKW 3=6. It takes the Flo’s this time only 23 hours for the whole trip. Very fast, when you think they have to go home by only using countryside roads.   The guy who sold this car is an big DDR enthusiast! He bought his old ground school to make... Read more

London calling

März 20, 2013 Trips 0

Only 3 days left till the VolksWorld Show takes place, the biggest and best indoor air-cooled VW Show in the world. We will be there the whole weekend. Read more