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Going to Berlin

Oktober 28, 2012 Trips 0

Domi and Flo went to Berlin to get Friedrich one of the famous caravans called „Dübener Ei“ and a Trabant which he had bought on eBay. Christopher was also there in order to buy a Trabant wagon. The condition of the vehicles was more than bad out of the Trabant from Christopher. They fix the trailer as best they could and set off for home. It was a troublesome journey with a refractive apart trailer, and a non-braking Trabant. Read more

Salzburg And Beyond

September 30, 2012 Trips 0

This week Domi and Flo drove to Bavaria, Germany, where they picked up again another Volkswagen Bug “1600i” for their friend Friedrich. On the way, Herbie made a stop in Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Flo and Domi strolled around downtown and had a little coffee break. They enjoyed this trip a lot! Read more

1,700 Miles in 48 Hours

September 23, 2012 Trips 0

This week, Domi and Flo made a trip over 1,700 miles (about 2,700 km) to Germany. They picked up a Volkswagen Bug “1600i” (fuel injected 1,600 cc) from 1995 for their friend and mechanic Friedrich. They also got some special spare parts for him. Flo and Domi started their trip in the morning and were gone for almost 48 hours. On the freeway they met a Volkswagen Bug “Ovali” (with the oval rear window). The picture above shows its proud owner and Flo at a... Read more

34 Horsepower For Two Bugs

August 25, 2012 Repairs and modifications, Trips 0

Domi and his friend Flo made another trip to Germany in order to pick up a blue Volkswagen Bug from 1989 for their friend and mechanic, Friedrich. They left Austria on Wednesday in the evening and got back Friday morning. However, as it transpired, this trip should get a challenging and nerve wrecking adventure for them. The tow bar was a back up if they couldn’t get the blue VW running. The engine was dismantled and they had to put everything together before actually driving... Read more

Two Guys & Three Cars

August 14, 2012 Trips 0

Domi and Flo drove to Germany again, in order to pick up two cars – a Trabant for Friedrich and another Bug for Flo. They decided to go there in a VW pulling a special tow bar. They were just two guys driving three cars, but everything worked out! On the way to Germany Flo and Domi met Friedrich and his “Última Edición” (right) – a Volkswagen Bug from 2003 – close to his family home in Upper Austria. Read more

Herbie Turned Into A Tractor

August 10, 2012 Repairs and modifications, Trips 0

Domi and his friend Flo took Herbie for a ride to Bavaria, Germany. On their way Herbie lost all case studs of one of the cylinder heads. The wildest nightmare got reality, but the Love Bug made it back to Vienna safely. Domi noticed a weird and loud noise in the back. He knew immediately that Herbie is loosing his right cylinder head, where cylinder one and two are operating. It got worse and Herbie lost all case studs. Flo and Domi couldn’t hear each... Read more

DLV Club Ride

Juli 15, 2012 Photo Shoots, Trips 0

Yesterday, we, “Die Luftverkühlten” (or DLV), took a ride. Four Bugs and a LT followed the route of our “Late Summer Ride” (LSR) which will take place in September. Afterwards we sat together in Domi’s former family home chatting about VW stuff. Read more

The Reunion with DLV & Herbie

Last weekend Domi and his good friend Flo drove in his Bug from 1966 to Upper Austria to pick up Herbie No. II and the other “QEK” camper. They were stored in an old farmer’s barn. After that they visited their friend and mechanic, Friedrich Hübsch, in Waldhausen im Strudengau, where Flo’s Bug got a new gas tank and where we tried to clean out his plugged-up fuel line. Read more

Trip to Budapest #2

April 26, 2012 Trips 0

Flo and his dear friend Lisi made a trip to the capital of Hungary. Flo and his bug already knew the way because they had been there in the past as we had reported. It was a wonderful and funny trip. “Thank you Lisi for the day! I’m really looking forward to the next journey” 🙂   Read more