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A Ride to the Top

März 11, 2012 Herbie's World Tour, Trips 0

The elevation of Quito, Ecuador’s capital, is 9,200 feet (or 2,800 meters), making Quito the second-highest capital in the world, after La Paz, Bolivia. Yesterday’s evening we took a ride together with our air-cooled VW Beetle friends, the “Catso Club” and its “Latin Volks”, to “Virgen de El Panecillo”, the major monument of Quito’s hills. And as we promised this before: “San Francisco de Quito, we love you!” Read more

Crusing in the winter

Januar 2, 2012 Photo Shoots, Trips 0

Last weekend Georgy and Flo took a ride in Georgy’s bug to keep the old engine in motion. They get to many places and also to the big parking lot on the highest point of the Höhenstraße in Vienna as you can see on the last picture. Read more

On the way to get a 1600i bug to austria

Oktober 7, 2011 Trips 0

On our trip Domi and Flo met an older couple with an old Mercedes with a broken fuel pipe. Domi called their touring club which promptly arrived and took them to the next mecanic. Thanks for that! We continued our journey to get as fast as possible to the new bug… Read more

We’ve brought another “Jubi” bug to Vienna

September 8, 2011 Trips 0

Monday afternoon Domi and Flo started the trip to Vorarlberg in western Austria to buy a jubilee-bug for our mechanic Friedrich. We get there by Flo’s other car… On the way home we made a detour to “Performence Parts Austria” in Michaelbeuern near Salzburg. This bug burnt two liters of oil on 700 kilometers and we almost lost the exhaust! …but we arrived safely in Vienna. Read more