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The Moped Riders

7. März 2014 Herbie's World Tour, Trips 0

Last weekend Flo and Domi where driving to Flo’s property in Lower Austria. While they were driving through the so-called “Wood Quarter” – the northwestern part of the province, they got to know an older gent who’s repairing and selling motorcycles. Domi returned with two mopeds. He bought a “KTM Hobby” from 1984 and a vintage “JAWA Stadion” from 1964 – both in good working condition. Now Flo and Domi are both looking forward to ride their mopeds in the upcoming summer season. They picked... Read more

Herbie’s Got a Friend

17. Juni 2013 Trips 0

Today Domi and his friend Matthias, nephew of Friedrich Hübsch, picked up a 1960 Volkswagen Bug in the very South of Burgenland, one of nine Austrian provinces. The black Beetle resides in its original condition. It still has the original paint, six volt and 1,100 cc with 30 horsepower. And it seems like that this vehicle has never been welded. The only question remains is, who the next owners will be? Either Katharina, a friend and DLV club member of ours, or Domi and Zainab.... Read more

Pulling a IFA F9 from the former DDR to Austria

22. April 2013 Trips 0

In order Flo and FloW get to Germany to bring Friedrich a new ride. He bought this IFA F9 from 1955 online. It is a three cylinder twin-stroke-engined car. The F9 is simmilar to the DKW 3=6. It takes the Flo’s this time only 23 hours for the whole trip. Very fast, when you think they have to go home by only using countryside roads.   The guy who sold this car is an big DDR enthusiast! He bought his old ground school to make... Read more

London calling

20. März 2013 Trips 0

Only 3 days left till the VolksWorld Show takes place, the biggest and best indoor air-cooled VW Show in the world. We will be there the whole weekend. Read more

Going to Berlin

28. Oktober 2012 Trips 0

Domi and Flo went to Berlin to get Friedrich one of the famous caravans called „Dübener Ei“ and a Trabant which he had bought on eBay. Christopher was also there in order to buy a Trabant wagon. The condition of the vehicles was more than bad out of the Trabant from Christopher. They fix the trailer as best they could and set off for home. It was a troublesome journey with a refractive apart trailer, and a non-braking Trabant. Read more