From Fromage & Baguette to Pizza, Pasta & Amore

The last days crossing France were hard for Eva and Flo. To drive through the cities on the Côte d’Azur without a good working first gear with so many tourists is not the best idea. “Poor gearbox – this was not nice from us!”
But after three stressed days in France they arrived Italy! Here they are driving also the cost way and had already passed the City of Genova and are staying now in the National Park of Cinque Terre. A very nice place – but see below!

DSC08061 Nizza / France

DSC08090 Near Monaco / France


Late Summer Ride #4

Trotz des kühlen und verhangenen Wetters kamen um die 30 Fahrzeuge zur vierten spätsommerlichen Ausfahrt über die Wiener Höhenstraße. Es wurde ein entspannter Tag am Kahlenbergparkplatz mit viel Zeit für Austausch zwischen Gleichgesinnten und gemütlichem Beisammensein sowie einen Besuch der beeindruckenden Panoramaterrasse mit einzigartigem Blick über Wien. Der Hauptbestandteil und zentrale Programmpunkt – die Ausfahrt über die Höhenstraße – wurde auch dieses Jahr wieder zum Highlight unseres (heuer im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes luftgekühlten) Treffens. Wir bedanken uns bei allen Teilnehmern für Ihre Unterstützung, sowohl durch das Erscheinen als auch durch die Spenden, ohne die wir diese Veranstaltung nicht jedes Jahr aufs Neue organisieren könnten. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen, spätestens im nächsten Jahr zum ersten großen Jubiläum!



On the coast

After many great days in Arneva they had to look forward and so Eva and Flo continued their trip. They are now going back the coast way of Spain and France to visit Italy. There are a lot of beautiful places and cities they have seen:

DSC07613 Sleeping by the sea / Sant Carles de la Ràpita / Spain


All about Monserrates’ place and the city nearby

As Eva and Flo arrived in Arneva (Orihuela-Alicante) Monserrate told them what they first have to do: “Relax”. So they did and enjoyed the first evening with a BBQ – the spanish way. The next days they where invited for lunch by the family and this was the only thing they really had to do.
They got to know Manuel a friend of Monserrate who had learned to build Sofas. So Flo asked him if he can fix the right front seat of his bug because the travel was destroying it. He said yes and so the deal was perfect. They go to searched for the best cloth an Manuel sew it in the old leather. Now the seat looks like new and Eva is happy to sit well.
Another day Monserrate showed them the old parts of Orihuela which his Hometown Arneva belong to. Flo and Eva hadn’t expect that beautiful city. They walk along and get told about its history and about the local hero Cid.
”At this point we want to say thank you very much Monserrate! Also a big thanks to your very friendly family! It was a great time at your home and also on your flat at the beach! But now we have to continue our journey. We hope you come soon to visit us in Vienna!”


AutoMuseum Volkswagen

The last station of our trip was the AutoMuseum next to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg where we got a fascinating insight into the product history of Volkswagen. Among the main exhibits are many rare concept vehicles, prototypes and one-off models.