Aircooled VW Meeting in Lima, Peru

26. März 2012 Herbie's World Tour, Meetings 0

Domi was a special guest at the annual Volkswagen meeting of Santa Anita, a district of Lima. Many presents were given and countless photos taken. Many thanks to the District of Santa Anita and its superintendent Leonor Chumbimune Cajahuaringa! And thank you, Miguel Angel Chávez Luna, who invited me to this event! In the following you’ll find pictures of the cars from all the different clubs, just as “Amigos VW Perú”, “CAVE”, “Mundo Aircooled Club Perú” (MAC), “VW Club Chinchaycocha”, “VW Club del Perú” and... Read more

Disassembling the front axle of the Mexican

25. März 2012 Repairs and modifications 0

Next step: Sandblasting and fresh paint! Read more

Peruvian Volks

24. März 2012 Herbie's World Tour, Meetings 0

Yesterday we visited air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiasts from Lima. Miguel Angel, our host here in Peru’s capital, invited us to their weekly club meeting. We had a good time chatting about “Escarabajos” and other stuff. Thanks to Miguel we got know these “Volks”! Read more

Better late than never…

23. März 2012 Allgemein 0

A custom made lettering for Flo’s VW 1303S with injection engine. Happy Birthday! Get it at Georgy’s place! 😉 Read more

Welcome to the Desert!

23. März 2012 Herbie's World Tour 0

The desert welcomed us while we drove from Trujillo to Lima yesterday. It was long day driving through the Peruvian coastal desert. But we finally reached Lima and our new friend Miguel Angel who introduced us to the aircooled VW folks in Peru’s capital. On Miguel’s webpage you can find more about his passion for “Escarabajos”. Read more

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