In 80,000 Miles Around The World

9. März 2012 Herbie's World Tour 0

We’ve now driven already more than 80,000 miles (or almost 129,000 kilometers) around the globe. Today we just arrived in Ecuador and also its capital Quito. We spent exactly one month in Colombia. But we’re planning to get back there. After we traveled down to Chile we want to drive all the way back to Colombia again. We really enjoyed heading across Colombia and we felt always very safe. In Buga, Colombia, we spent the night at a nice little hotel close to downtown. South... Read more

Ain’t No Road Too Long

7. März 2012 Herbie's World Tour 0

Herbie is following with us the Pan-American Highway through Colombia. It is amazing to watch all the different landscapes. Yesterday we passed Medellin and tomorrow we’ll get very close to the border of Ecuador. There ain’t no road too long for Herbie! Read more

The Panamericana

5. März 2012 Herbie's World Tour 0

The Pan-American Highway or rather “Panamericana” is the longest drivable road on earth, measuring about 29,800 miles (or 47,960 kilometers) in its total length. We have already driven its roads within the USA, Mexico and all Central American countries. Now we are cruising the South American section of the “Panamericana”. Colombia’s Pan-American Highway is getting more and more scenic as we’re heading further South. And we are yet very excited to explore Colombia’s Andes. Read more

Herbie’s Back on Track!

5. März 2012 Herbie's World Tour 0

We finally left Cartagena of the Indies heading southwards. Herbie’s doing well again. Everything is working! He enjoys following the great Pan-American Highway. Yesterday we were driving along Highway No. 90 and 25 towards Medellin. We spent the night at a motel just outside of of a bigger town called Sincelejo. Today we’ll be heading further South towards Medellin. In just a couple days we’ll cross the border to Ecuador – a country which Domi already visited in the year 2004. Read more

Hit the Road, Herbie!

We got it done! After “wasting” eleven days in Cartagena because of a huge electrical problem caused by one of the jacks on the ship, Herbie is back on the road again! Domi had to take out several parts within the engine bay a third but very last time today. He installed the new generator, regulator and electronic ignition. On February 8, we came to Colombia. First we had to wait for Herbie’s vessel which was more than two weeks delayed. Later on we spent... Read more

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