Gregor and Flo got together and founded the air-cooled community DLV (Die Luftverkühlten). It all started with a 1984 mars red Mexican bug and a 1973 LEDL Siva Buggy which are still present.


Gregor’s brother Christian and his good friend Benjamin joined the community. At that time still without functioning rides, so we visited most of the meetings as “the four in the bug”.


In spring we heard about the globetrotter Domi who travelled around the world with his girlfriend, now wife, and their beloved Love Bug “Herbie”. Domi has been into air-cooled Volkswagen since getting his driving license, so therefore we got on well from the start. Through his influence Flo left his water-cooled car behind him in September and switched to a 1966 export model as his new daily driver – till today. In the same month Matthias and his 1967 beetle became part of DLV.


No new members, but new cars must be mentioned: Christian became the new owner of Flo’s Buggy, who bought a 1997 1600i bug for the winter and a 1963 panel van to restore. It was also the year of the first ride of Benjamin’s 1985 “Dirty Old Mexican”. In September the first meeting and public ride hosted by us – the DLV Late Summer Ride – took place at the Kahlenberg parking lot in Vienna, which since has been held annually.


We bought an old farm to get more space for car-storing and Gregor purchased the first Italian air-cooler in the community – a 1985 Vespa PK.


The family is getting bigger! A lot of cars in need of restoration were stored over the year and we also got new members: Gabi with his 1600i, Max with his early Mexican Bug and Lisa and Markus with their 1967 VW 1300.


Jan joined the community with his 1996 1600i “Open Air”. At the end of the year we became an official association.


DLV goes by bus, more precisely by panel vans. After Flo already got his ’63 split, Benjamin bought a ’75 late bay in May and Gregor made the hat-trick in winter with his ’80 type 251. In this year the Late Summer Ride celebrated its fifth anniversary.


Stay tuned what is coming up next!