Flo’s new bug

10. Oktober 2017 Allgemein 0

Flo bought a bug from 1962. He found it on the internet as he was in america and made the deal to pick it up when he’s back. So Flo and Robert a good friend of him went there two weeks later to get the car. There was no rear axle built in and one door is missing. Back in Vienna they put in a correct gearbox and a door. Also they put in a customized tank. Thank you Robert for your help and for... Read more

Tidy up at the DLV-Barn

10. Oktober 2017 Allgemein 0

In our barn are now more than 40 cars. This is too much and so we decided to go higher. We built in a second floor and a winch to pull the cars of Christian an Benjamin there. Read more

Last pictures of the US

10. Oktober 2017 Allgemein, Trips 0

Finally we want to show you the last days of Domi and Flo’s trip to the USA. They visited the Crater-Lake National Park, Redwood national forest, San Francisco and a junkyard in Ridgecrest. Read more

Bug Show Fürstenfeld

5. September 2017 Meetings, Trips 0

Last Sunday we visited the biennial bug meeting in Fürstenfeld which took place in the area of the outdoor pool. More than 350 cars were counted, among them three Schwimmwagen. Here’s a small selection! Read more

Air-cooled at the lake

13. August 2017 Meetings 1

We had a great time at the second „Luftgekühlt am See“ which was again top organised by the Käfer-Club Obergrafendorf. Among the 170 vehicles there could be spotted some very nice ones before chilling at the lake with a cold beer. What more could you ask for? Read more

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