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TV Spot with Herbie & Helene Fischer

Volkswagen just released their brand new television commercial with pop star Helene Fischer as well as Domi and Zainab’s Herbie. Click here or on the picture below to watch the spot! Read more

The Blue Trabant

30. April 2014 Herbie's World Tour 1

Today we found Domi’s “Trabi” in a local newspaper. A pedestrian took a picture of Domi driving through his hometown Klosterneuburg. Read more

The Moped Riders

7. März 2014 Herbie's World Tour, Trips 0

Last weekend Flo and Domi where driving to Flo’s property in Lower Austria. While they were driving through the so-called “Wood Quarter” – the northwestern part of the province, they got to know an older gent who’s repairing and selling motorcycles. Domi returned with two mopeds. He bought a “KTM Hobby” from 1984 and a vintage “JAWA Stadion” from 1964 – both in good working condition. Now Flo and Domi are both looking forward to ride their mopeds in the upcoming summer season. They picked... Read more

The 30 Years of Domi

10. Dezember 2013 Herbie's World Tour 0

Domi turned 30! Therefore we celebrated his big birthday in one of Vienna’s pubs called “Morgenstern”. Many friends and family members came to congratulate him. Special thanks go to Flo, Friedrich, Eva, Heinz, Gabriel, Michi, Georgy, Fabi, Christian, Benjamin, Matthias and of course Zainab who made Domi the most marvelous present. They surprised him with a “Trabant” station wagon from the old GDR (DDR). Read more

Happy Birthday, Herbie!

29. Juni 2013 Herbie's World Tour 0

June 28 is the official birthday of Walt Disney’s Love Bug. Therefore we’re celebrating Herbie’s 50th anniversary this year and especially on this particular day, even though our Love Bug wasn’t manufactured on that exact date. But one is for sure, 1963 is the year in which Herbies all around the world were made. Happy Birthday! Domi celebrated Herbie’s B-Day together with our friends Georgy, Matthias and Florian (from left to right) and their Beetles at a vintage car show in the South of Vienna. Read more