We were actually planning to go all the way back to Colombia by heading across Brazil on Highway No. 319 reaching Venezuela. Unfortunately we had to change our plan.

The Brazilian Highway No. 319 is well-known for one of the worst “roads” in the country. And as we have the rain season right now, this highway is totally impassable.

There is no other way getting back north across the continent, so we had to find a way going back to the Andes on the West. We decided to take a loop towards Bolivia.

We arrived at the border of Bolivia at noon. The border was closed, because the executives just work before noon. So we had to wait until the next day.

After waiting in line for more than two hours to get the exit stamp of Brazil, we were forced to show the Bolivian border officials our certificate of an amarillic typhus vaccination.

The vaccination of yellow fever is obligatory for everyone who’s entering Bolivia coming from Brazil. But in the end we blessedly entered Bolivia unvaccinated.