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The second week in America

This time Domi and Flo want to show you some impressions of the second week travelling around with Herbie. They have been to Las Vegas, Zion- Nationalpark, Bryce-Canyon-Nationalpark and some other beautiful places! In Vegas they went to Justin’s workshop the „Beetle Barn“ to fix the magnetic plug of the differential because it was completely rounded from so many oil changes. They also visited the „Neon Museum“ to see some of the old signs which they keep the history and to tell the stories of the... Read more

After two weeks of welding…

Flo has already known it for a long time, his loved bug from 1966 is verry rusty! He decided to do it the right way and seperared the car in two parts so he could repair it like it was new. He put in a new heaterchannel, a cross memper under the rear seat and a repair section for the rear quater panel. He also did a lot of welding in the front and rear wheelhouses and the firewall. The new cross member doesn’t fit... Read more

Impressions of 2014

The year is nearly over and we want to share our impressions of 2014. From the mania of Flo’s car purchases over our visit of the famous Le Bug Show in Belgium up to our third Late Summer Ride. Enjoy the pictures! With this we want to wish you all the best for the upcoming season! Read more

The spark leaps over again

November 23, 2014 Repairs and modifications 0

A few weeks ago the sparking plug of Gregor’s PK 80S was ejected while driving – the thread in the cylinder head broke out. During the repair on the 130ccm D.R. cylinder we took the chance to clean the whole system, what definitely was long overdue. Read more

Vespa Servizio

Gregors PK 80S needed a few updates, including new tyres which were from 2001 and 1995! While we were at it, we also changed the front shock absorber and the broken speedometer cable, and added clear turn signal lenses. Read more

You’ve officially been pimped!

Dezember 20, 2013 Repairs and modifications 0

Domi, Flo, Friedrich and Max have worked on Domis Trabi to get a new look. They grinded four rims, primed and painted them in L87 Pearl White, like Herbie looks like. After drying Zainab spent new tires to make the car safer for the winter. Also Domi and Flo rebuilt an old “Taxi” sign and wrote “Trabi” on it. They took the old frame and construct a new glowing plate. The car looks great now! So it is ready for the slippery, frozen streets in... Read more

New (old) car-jack for Matthias Bug

After going through an expedition in Friedrich’s storage last weekend, Matthias found a new car-jack for his bug. It took an hour to overhaul until the car-jack worked again. There were huge amounts of rust and mud, which blocked the mechanics of the jack. Matthias used a 240 grain sand paper to remove the rust of the shaft . After cleaning all parts he lubricated the jack with gear grease.   Read more

Same procedure as every year, Mister

April 13, 2013 Repairs and modifications 2

Benjamin and Chris changed the engine oil of Georgy’s Mexican. Not worth to write about it? Normally you are right, but this time we filled in fully synthetic oil instead of the old fashioned mineral oil – hopefully Flo and Domi are happy now 😉Where was the fuel tank again? Don’t try this at home – washing the inside of the engine hillbilly style with diesel.The good stuff – Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60. A Ferrari engine oil used in a bug, is that not... Read more

Oops! He did it again

März 10, 2013 Repairs and modifications 0

When Chris starts a new project, in that case the repair of his Buggy, most of the time it ends up in a complete mess.The engine needs a repair because both cylinder heads have cracks connecting the holes for the valves and spark plugs => not good. So he decided to disassemble the engine completely and overhaul it. Also the customized wire harness has to be replaced by a original one to finally get rid of all those electrical problems. And many, many more things... Read more