Domi and his friend Flo made another trip to Germany in order to pick up a blue Volkswagen Bug from 1989 for their friend and mechanic, Friedrich. They left Austria on Wednesday in the evening and got back Friday morning. However, as it transpired, this trip should get a challenging and nerve wrecking adventure for them.

The tow bar was a back up if they couldn’t get the blue VW running. The engine was dismantled and they had to put everything together before actually driving it.

They got the car running, but the dynamo was broken! They decided to drive without using it and changing the batteries from one car to the other every time they stop.

They even disconnected the wires of the dynamo in order to save energy and just used the batteries to keep the car running. It was exhausting changing batteries so often.

But during the night and the need of lights the cars were sucking more energy than one car could produce, so they had to tow the blue Bug for the rest of the night.

It is prohibited to tow a car on the freeway, so they depended on highways. Therefore they had to use the GPS, but they had no cigarette lighter (see above).

Just 34 horsepower (1,200 cc) towed another Bug for more than 370 miles (600 km) all the way from Germany to Austria. But it worked, even though it took forever.