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TV Spot with Herbie & Helene Fischer

Volkswagen just released their brand new television commercial with pop star Helene Fischer as well as Domi and Zainab’s Herbie. Click here or on the picture below to watch the spot! Read more

Around the World in 80 Countries

We arrived back home! Safely! Herbie made it again – and this while pulling a caravan the long way round Africa. Our dream of traveling this last missing continent (except Antarctica of course) became actually reality. Since September 2009 we visited 80 countries while driving two Volkswagen Beetles from 1963 with campers in tow for more than 115,000 miles (or 185,000 kilometers) around the globe. We need a break and Herbie a pit stop! Therefore we’ll stay home for quite a while before hitting the... Read more

The Austrian Globetrotters

Yesterday, the newsmagazine “Heute” published something about Herbie’s World Tour. The picture was taken in the Atacama Desert of Chile on our trip across South America.   We’ve already done 150,000 kilometers so far and our 34 horsepower are still running. Read more

Herbie, Fusca & CIA

Herbie’s World Tour got featured in the latest edition of “FUSCA & CIA”, a Brazilian magazine about the air-cooled Volkswagen Bug. The story goes over eight full pages and includes a lot of pictures from our travels around the world. The article is written in Portuguese by Luiz Guedes Jr. from Brazil. Read more

Herbie and the Kids

Just before continuing our trip across Europe in summer last year, Domi visited a junior high school class in Arbesbach, Lower Austria, to tell them a bit about traveling around the world in a Volkswagen Beetle from 1963 pulling a matching camper. Many thanks to teacher Manuela Brauneis (second from right) who invited us to come! A local newspaper named “Bezirksblatt” wrote a short story about the meeting. You can find more articles about our 34 horses riding around the earth on Herbie’s World Tour... Read more