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Impressions of 2014

The year is nearly over and we want to share our impressions of 2014. From the mania of Flo’s car purchases over our visit of the famous Le Bug Show in Belgium up to our third Late Summer Ride. Enjoy the pictures! With this we want to wish you all the best for the upcoming season! Read more

Knocked down brick factory

Februar 3, 2013 Photo Shoots 0

Georgy and Flo spotted this old building and get there to took some shots of Flo’s daily driver. Read more

Winter in Vienna

Januar 17, 2013 Photo Shoots 0

Here you see Flo’s Bugs at home. His ‘66 bug is waiting for the summer and roads without salt. Read more


November 1, 2012 Photo Shoots 0

We thought it’s time for a new banner picture for the DLV-Blog. So Christian, Benjamin, Domi, Flo, Georgy and Ali met last weekend with their rides at the car park of the Shopping Center Nord in Vienna. After that we visited Friedrich at his garage. The small one-way street counted one buggy, two Trabants and nine and a half Bugs! Read more

DLV Club Ride

Juli 15, 2012 Photo Shoots, Trips 0

Yesterday, we, “Die Luftverkühlten” (or DLV), took a ride. Four Bugs and a LT followed the route of our “Late Summer Ride” (LSR) which will take place in September. Afterwards we sat together in Domi’s former family home chatting about VW stuff. Read more

The Five Rear Windows

Just before we left Lima today, we had a meeting with two Volkswagen “Brezel” from the early 1950ies. The split windows in the rear made those cars very special. These vintage Beetles also have the original trafficators instead of flashers. Read more

Crusing in the winter

Januar 2, 2012 Photo Shoots, Trips 0

Last weekend Georgy and Flo took a ride in Georgy’s bug to keep the old engine in motion. They get to many places and also to the big parking lot on the highest point of the Höhenstraße in Vienna as you can see on the last picture. Read more


Dezember 28, 2011 Photo Shoots 0

Read more