KdF Channel now with over 1000 videos

In the last five years we collected over thousand videos about air-cooled Volkswagen on the so called “KdF Channel” on Vimeo. Check out vimeo.com/channels/kdf and enjoy the huge collection which ranges from old commercials to fully restored dubs and show reports of the most famous events.

Call Your Cunados

“Cuñado” means brother in law in Spanish. In their circle of early bus friends they use the term as a bond between others that transcends the split window bus. Cuñado is a mindset and camaraderie developed through owning and maintaining early split window buses, camping, grilling out, and attending car Read more…

Older n’ Faster

This is the story of the California Look. Started back in the 60’s no other style was as influential or important to the Volkswagen scene. They just get Older n’ Faster! Also check out other Aircooled Volkswagen Videos on our KdF-Channel!