After Flo helped Domi to get his second Herbie back from Upper Austria, they made a visit to Waldhausen, where Friedrich and Matthias spend their Weekend. The day before Flo has had trouble with his fuel system. The ÖAMTC put up a temporary fuel pipe as a solution. In Waldhausen Friedrich replaced the fuel tank. (A detailed post from this repair-session will be posted in the next few days) After all repair attempts Friedrich  decided that he and Matthias drive Flo’s bug back to Vienna and Flo drives one of Friedrichs “Jubi”-Bugs to work at the Red-Cross. On the drive back from Waldhausen Flo’s bug twice had problems to get enough fuel to the carburettor.  Finally Friedrich came up with this very creative solution:
This solution is not recommended for non-Friedrichs!