We spent almost three days in Puyo, but now we are back in Baños de Agua Santa. Tomorrow we’ll finally take off towards Cuenca, following the Pan-Am Highway.

Just right after taking these awesome shots something happened to our Love Bug.

Domi couldn’t shift properly anymore. First he thought it is a broken clutch cable.

But afterwards he had to find out that it was the return spring which was broken.

It was frustrating, because at that time we were in the middle of the “jungle”.

Normally those springs never brake, Domi said. We were obviously the exception.

Domi drove without a clutch all the way to Puyo in the first and second gear.

There we got to a mechanic named Angel, who was so kind to help us out.

Domi removed the engine and we ordered the suitable replacement kit for the spring.

The spare parts were coming from Ambato, so we had to wait. But finally we got them.

We want to thank José from the “Latin Volks” in Quito who ordered the parts we needed and “maestro” Angel from Puyo for his help, his patience and his hospitality!