When Chris starts a new project, in that case the repair of his Buggy, most of the time it ends up in a complete mess.
2013-03-10 14.19.54
2013-03-10 14.17.49
The engine needs a repair because both cylinder heads have cracks connecting the holes for the valves and spark plugs => not good. So he decided to disassemble the engine completely and overhaul it. Also the customized wire harness has to be replaced by a original one to finally get rid of all those electrical problems. And many, many more things to do.
During the disassembling he discovered that the dashboard cover for the light and wiper switch was a railroad schedule in its earlier life – hillbilly style!
2013-03-10 14.21.14
And there were some sort of crystals in the fuel tank.
2013-03-10 14.19.37
The deadline for this project is April 26th, 2013, because the day after we will visit the 6. VW Käfer & Co meeting in Orth an der Donau. No need for stress…