For the eleventh time the 1. Kärntner VW-Käferclub organised their biennial meeting for all air-cooled Volkswagen in Bodensdorf at the Ossiacher Lake, which we always look forward to.

Our group of ten elephant feet tail lights featured some specials like a jubilee bug and the “Open Air” of our new member Jan. Benjamin mounted his new wheels and Christian brought his old Buggy back on the streets – still without roof and braving the weather.

But luckily most of the time the weather held up, so we could enjoy the lake and take a look at the over 250 rides there. The only hitch was a navigation problem at the great panoramic trip where a lot of members got lost, but we caught the others.


On our way home we had an unplanned stop at the interchange St. Michael and had to fix the shift linkage of the Buggy.