Today Domi had to find a “new” fly wheel for Herbie because the old one was worn out and he wasn’t able to order a new one because they stopped producing the old small ones Domi would need. Our friend Michael helped Domi with taking him to different junk yards in his Jeep in order to find a used fly wheel.

Herbie 007

Herbie 009

Herbie 004

Herbie 008

Herbie 006Finally we got the right one. It was just hard to get it off. And there was also a clutch bolt which was broken.

Herbie 010

Herbie 013

Herbie 011

Herbie 012Obviously we had to renovate the fly wheel so we brought it to a guy at a machine shop who resurfaced it. This fly wheel might be from 1964 because we got the motor number which shows that.

Herbie 014After that it looks pretty good though – like brand new! And still good old German material!