Finally we got the right shocks for Herbie. We ordered four new ones by Monroe (made in the US) – Domi’s favorites! It was as it used to be here in the Mojave desert a nice and warm day – great to work outside.


The reason why Domi likes the Monroe shocks the most is probably because we had the same brand of shocks on our back wheels while touring all around the globe. And now they are supposed to be even better, because they are now gas charged.


While Domi was working, his dear friend Michael Phillips from Ridgecrest took photos.


Everything worked out great and we already took a ride in Herbie with his new shocks. It was just a short trip to the supermarket but although it was a much smoother drive.


Here you can see the old shock and the new one as well. Even though the old ones seemed to be fine, it is probably better to change them after so many miles (more than 75,000).