We are almost there! Tomorrow we’ll probably reach Veracruz. It’s getting pretty warm as we are heading further South. But unfortunately also the humidity is climbing.

We prefer dry regions but it is great to have a kind of summer all year long on our travels. Domi uses to say “Zainab is a desert child. She was raised in Egypt and the UAE and can adopt to hot climate very well.” Domi himself can’t stand humidity at all but he is doing pretty fine with dry heat.

Gas is very low priced in Mexico, the quality is at least as good as in the US (according to Domi’s expertise) and you can find a pump wherever you go. All stations are owned by state and therefore the price is regulated. At the time a liter costs 9.82 Mexican Pesos (75 US Cent or 58 Euro Cent) all over the country.

Above you can see the good example for a traditional daily driver in Mexico. Although this “Vocho” is just from the 90ies the rust is doing its job (see left rear fender). Maybe that’s the reason why Herbie and Domi don’t like humidity.

The view from the balcony of our hotel room is all green if you blind out the main highway in front of the hotel. It is the first day that we turned on the a/c in our room. And Herbie is just air-cooled, so neither the engine nor we got a water-cooled system while driving through the heat.

Tomorrow we’ll follow again Highway No. 180 further South towards the coast line. Consequently we’ll hit the Gulf of Mexico where Herbie is supposed to go across by ship. Estimated time of departure in Veracruz is January 30. And the vessel should be in Cartagena, Columbia, by February 6.