It was getting more and more tropical as we were heading South on Highway 77 after passing San Antonio and getting off Interstate No. 10.

We took a break at the very last public rest stop just right after the small village named Sarita, Texas, for having coffee with dates as usual.

Herbie is doing well after making about 1,800 miles (or 2,900 kilometers) since leaving our camp in Ridgecrest, California. Meanwhile we got almost 78,000 miles (125,500 kilometers) touring in Herbie around the world.

Tonight we stay at the historic “Plaza Square Motel” in the heart of Brownsville, Texas. This well known border city is located just besides the Mexican town Matamoros in Tamaulipas. Tomorrow we’ll finally cross the border to Mexico heading further South towards Veracruz where “Ocho” is supposed to get on a ship to Columbia, South America.