We had beautiful weather and a big blue sky accompanying us while touring on freeway 10 further East. Unfortunately we got a pretty strong head wind too, so the gas mileage was not as good as it used to be.

We took one of our breaks from driving at a rest stop just right before Sonora, Texas.

Even though we’re not pulling our camper “Qek” this time, Domi insisted to carry the propane stove with us. So we are able to have our daily coffee.

Sometimes it feels weird to be at a public rest area just for having a short break, because we’d normally stay there with our trailer for a longer period of time or even the night.

Texan rest areas provide free wireless internet access which we find is great. It should help fighting driver’s fatigue. In Australia as an other example, many gas stations offer free hot coffee or tea instead, funded by the government for the very same reason.

Today we made it to Kerrville, staying at a huge motel complex. Tomorrow will be probably our last day in Texas. We’re planning to drive via San Antonio (which is actually one of our most favorite cities within the US) down to Brownsville in order to cross the Mexican border by Thursday.