Last night was still pretty rainy. We got it warm inside our nice little apartment at the motel in Benson, Arizona, but Herbie was left alone outside.

Our overnight stay in Arizona was great. The owner of our room told us that he bought such a brand new Volkswagen Beetle in 1956 and drove it for many, many years. We were philosophizing about the reliability of such cars. Domi had a blast!

Sometimes you have to improvise: We wanted to have another coffee but there was just one filter which we had already used. So Domi took a piece of cotton fabric instead which he would normally take for polishing Herbie. Finally we got more fresh brewed coffee.

Afterwards we headed off further South East on Interstate No. 10 – the so-called “Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway” towards New Mexico.

We passed the Grand Canyon State Arizona and reached one of our favorite states of the United States: New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment.

The weather was getting much better now but instead we got very gusty dust winds from the side and it was hard to stay in our lane.

Domi has always been the driver of Herbie’s World Tour. Zainab would love to drive too but there was no time to get her driver’s license yet.

Without the camper in tow it is much easier to go fast on Americas freeways. On the speed indicator above you see of course kilometers and not miles per hour.

After more than 360 miles (or almost 600 kilometers) we got to Van Horn after crossing the border to Texas and driving through El Paso – just besides Ciudad Juárez.

“Ocho” found one of his million brothers – lying in a front yard of a local art store.

Although the car was obviously not running anymore it was great to see a VW again.

“Value Inn” is the place we’re staying for the night. We enjoy the luxury of a warm shower, a heater, wireless internet and a parking space for Herbie just outside our door.

It is very common to have a TV in the motel room. So do we have here, but we’re normally not watching any programs. More important is an internet access to keep you posted.

This night we got room 108. Herbie is unfortunately not housebroken yet and has to wait outside for us. But we always keep an eye on him by looking out the window.

Tomorrow we’re going to head further East on I-10 through the second largest state of the US. Texas, the Lone Star State, has also the second biggest population among all 50 United States of America.