We were thrilled to found us among “the world’s greatest collection of unconventional, crazy and original travels and journeys that kick ass”. You can find it by following Kickass Trips (or clicking on the image below).

Today we made again about 300 miles (or 500 kilometers) by driving all the way on I-10 heading East passing Phoenix and Tucson. We stopped for shopping in both cities and ended up further down in Benson where we are staying at very nice old fashioned motel called “Quarter Horse” owned by Dan and Pat Barrera. Yesterday we had quite a different choice regarding our overnight stay in Blythe, California.

According to the calling card of our motel we stayed in, the TVs are all new and the rooms newly remodeled.

Honestly we haven’t seen such an old TV for years but it worked and even had color.

We got room number 115. Although people were knocking on our door and a strange couple were outside just yelling the whole day long at each other in a very bad language, still we slept tight and the Love Bug was not stolen.

Maybe we are just not used to staying at motels but we never felt so unsecure regarding our beloved car Herbie as there is no camper where we are in, able to feel every impact on the vehicles.

For tomorrow we’re planning to drive across New Mexico towards El Paso, Texas. Today we had a bit of rain, so hopefully we’ll get better weather for the next days driving across North America in our “Vee Dub”.