As we told you before, an unknown person hurt Herbie a lot, while he was on his ship going from Veracruz, Mexico, to Cartagena of the Indies in Colombia.

That person not only broke his lid lock, he also tried to open the front hood, turned on the windshield wipers, the ignition and other electric consumers and left them all on.

He left all of those features on and caused a huge damage. The alternator and the regulator got grilled. Here you can see photos. Imagine how that must feel!


We spent again the whole day trying to fix all of these damages. Domi even had to take all the necessary parts within the engine bay apart because we found another problem.

Such regulators normally last forever, except somebody is trying to make barbecue with it. Hopefully we can fix everything by tomorrow in order to hit the road again.

Nonetheless it was all in all a pretty nerve-wracking and very cost-intensive day for us. After that we’ll get in touch with our ocean carrier and ask for redress.