We’ve now driven already more than 80,000 miles (or almost 129,000 kilometers) around the globe. Today we just arrived in Ecuador and also its capital Quito.

We spent exactly one month in Colombia. But we’re planning to get back there.

After we traveled down to Chile we want to drive all the way back to Colombia again.

We really enjoyed heading across Colombia and we felt always very safe.

In Buga, Colombia, we spent the night at a nice little hotel close to downtown.

South America seems to be much further than others regarding natural sweeteners.

While Europe tried very hard to prohibit Stevia, other countries produced it ever since.

Stevia is a natural sweetener (without sugar) coming from the leaves of its plant.

We had no expectations, but we were very surprised how pretty Colombia is.

Herbie the Love Bug seems to be loving his rally along the Pan-American Highway.

And the sights we get while following the “Panamericana” are really amazing.

Almost everywhere you can find good places for little money to stay overnight.

Today we crossed the border to Ecuador.at Ipiales, the last town within Colombia.

Ecuador is using the US currency – US-Dollar notes and coins as well as US-Cents.