We spent our last Peruvian night in a small town named Juli and entered Bolivia right besides Lake Titicaca. Bolivia is obviously different: Here you get two different gas prices, one for the natives and one for foreigners like us. The so-called “international price” is three times higher. Meanwhile we filled up Herbie already two times. Domi had long discussions at the pump, but finally succeeded – we got treated like “Bolivianos”.

Back in Europe we read some good things about Bolivia and its president Juan Evo Morales Ayma, who is in charge since 2005. So far we were lucky regarding the gas prices but we cannot understand why tourists should be treated differently.

We headed south via Oruro to Santiago de Huari, because we were planning to cross the border to Chile as far as south as possible in order to see more of Bolivia. But suddenly the street changed into an unpaved one.

We got told that the road won’t change back into a paved one until the border. We had to choose if we should drive hundreds of miles without pavement or if we should go back. We decided to make a u-turn and drove back to Oruro.