Flo has bought once again something new. This time it should be a caravan. On the internet found and immediatly bought. A “Dübener Ei” from the year 1982. It has the VIN 1062 which also corresponds approximately to the time produced pieces. There is still a lot of work in the vehicle but Flo hopes to get it back on the road in summer. Details to his current vehicle fleet soon. Here are some details and the history about the caravan:

Equipment and purchase price
The vehicle is a lightweight single-axle trailer with an empty weight of 300 kg, max. 100 kg load capacity. The dimensions vary slightly and are approximately 380 cm (length) × 172 to 175 cm (width) × 210 to 215 cm (height). The superstructure consists of a wooden construct with hard paper envelope, the inner lining of plywood. Facilities include a gas hob, a wardrobe and a table together with a two part sitting area that can be assembled into a double bed. (…) The price was in the mid-60s around 5,000 East German marks, up to 1990 up to 6500 East German marks. It corresponded approximately to the annual income of a worker. © Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

Series production
The first postwar series went into production in 1955 in the DDR until the early 60s with still no front window and 16-inch tires. Previously only a few prototypes were produced. (…) Most left a year less than 10 caravans the small 12-person company. Mid-60s, production was increased to about 20 to 40 pieces, before the nationalization in 1972 and the renaming to VEB camping caravans, Bad Düben they increased the number of units to 90 per year. © Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

003Actually condition007Interieur – nearly original look Scan10001A pictue taken from the past owners Scan10002Camping in the DDR – not in this good condition yet Scan10003 A photo of Flo’s caravan thrown by a Škoda 100