Benjamin and Chris heard from a guy, they met at their new hall, there is a disassembled bug stored in a barn near Korneuburg. The only details he knew, the bug is a later version, may be an export edition and most important for free – so let’s go!
2013-03-15 16.14.41
2013-03-15 16.13.51
Unfortunately it was no 1303, as Chris hoped, to use it as spare parts donor for his BIG. Also there were only a few parts left (floor plate, front and rear axle, gearbox, front and rear seats, trunk lid, front fenders, passenger door, windshield and some rims and old tires). It seems that this bug was a white 1302 with red interior and 44HP/32KW (thanks to Flo for his help to determine the type of this bug).
At least it should be possible to use the fenders for Chris’ BIG and the door for Benjamins ‘Dirty Old Mexican’. The floor plate may be used for another project – we will see…
2013-03-16 16.16.25