This Oldtimer-contest has been organized by Erster Oesterreichischer Kleinwagenclub for twenty years now, and has established itself as a traditional act to start of the Austrian Oldtimer season. The Wachau in the province of Lower Austria with its mountain Seiberer (near Weiszenkirchen on the Danube) offers the appropriate scenic environment.

S1330030 S1330057S1330011S1330012S1330013S1330016S1330017S1330020S1330069 S1330021S1330024S1330022S1330072 S1330031 S1330028S1330029S1330032S1330034S1330059 S1330037S1330041S1330044S1330046S1330047S1330051S1330053S1330055S1330054

S1330074 S1330077S1330079   S1330083S1330081S1330086S1330095S1330120S1330065

We had a great time being part of this event!