The last days crossing France were hard for Eva and Flo. To drive through the cities on the Côte d’Azur without a good working first gear with so many tourists is not the best idea. “Poor gearbox – this was not nice from us!”
But after three stressed days in France they arrived Italy! Here they are driving also the cost way and had already passed the City of Genova and are staying now in the National Park of Cinque Terre. A very nice place – but see below!

DSC08061 Nizza / France

DSC08090 Near Monaco / France

DSC08110 Near Monaco / France

DSC08116 Near Monaco / France

DSC08124 Near Monaco / France

DSC08137 Monaco / France

DSC08166 After the Border to Italy

DSC08185 Imperia / Italy

DSC08203 Camping with another Volkswagen / Levanto / Italy

DSC08273 Vernazza / Cinque Terre / Italy

DSC08303Manarola / Cinque Terre / Italy

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