Last weekend we celebrated Christian’s 30th birthday with a very special present. To thank him for his help on various projects of ours, we decided to build him a chassis for a new buggy – something that he had been wanting to do for a long time.

Because this project was already discussed in the past, we know exactly what parts should be used. A 1303 rear axle with semi-trailing arms and a balljoint front axle for the best handling possible for a buggy. The frame was shortened by 39cm to use a body from LEDL – a great austrian kit car producer very popular in the 70ies who is still active today.

To make another wish come true – driving a vw bug chassis – we added an engine, a steering wheel and a beer crate as a seat. Enjoy the pictures below of the celebration, and some of the building process we documented with a book which we gave him first.

Birthday Buggy 08

Birthday Buggy 06Birthday Buggy 05Birthday Buggy 04Birthday Buggy 03Birthday Buggy 07

The secret project:

Birthday Buggy 17Birthday Buggy 18Birthday Buggy 15Birthday Buggy 14Birthday Buggy 13Birthday Buggy 16