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Happy New Year 2012!

31. Dezember 2011 Herbie's World Tour 0

We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2012! The Love Bug in front of the so-called Salvation or Love Mountain in Niland, Southern California. Read more

Sunsets in the desert

30. Dezember 2011 Herbie's World Tour 0

Herbie is enjoying the sunsets out here in the desert. In fact our camp is located in the Mojave Desert of California. A big sky and these huge landscapes are creating an incredible atmosphere – and the best thing is, there is no humidity at all! When we got back to the United States there was no single rust spot on one of the chrome parts on Herbie, even though our beloved VW Beetle was waiting for us just outside. We think that he’s feeling... Read more

KdF Channel – biggest aircooled video channel on vimeo!

28. Dezember 2011 Allgemein 0

Georgy is working on it every time to keep it up to date. Stay tuned! Read more


28. Dezember 2011 Photo Shoots 0

Read more

Herbie goes Bananas

27. Dezember 2011 Herbie's World Tour 0

From Ridgecrest, California, where we are now, via Brownsville, Texas, to Veracruz, Mexico, Herbie will have to drive 2,350 miles (or 3,780 kilometers) to get on a vessel in order to be shipped to Columbia. This is actually our plan for January! “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for Herbie”. This is not a mission to the moon but it is still quite a trip, although our number 53 brought us so far already. But we are pretty sure that he’ll... Read more