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A very nice shot

21. Dezember 2011 Herbie's World Tour, Photo Shoots 0

Our dear friend Michael Lee Phillips took a very nice shot of Herbie in front of the Trona train tracks in Searles Valley, California. Read more

The Darién Gap

21. Dezember 2011 Herbie's World Tour 0

We’re planning to go to South America next, in order to continue Herbie’s World Tour. We’ve already driven across all 48 lower United States, we went to Canada and traveled through Mexico and all Central American countries. There is just South America left. But why haven’t we been there yet? We actually wanted to go there last time but we couldn’t because first of all our passports were completely marked and full with visas and secondly we didn’t want to ship our car and camper... Read more

All’s well that ends well

There is no other way than shipping a vehicle from North (or Central) to South America. Therefore we’ll have to put Herbie on one of the big cargo ships where thefts happen quite often. So we ordered a lock for the engine hood. But we had to get it twice because the first one didn’t work properly and it broke. Thanks to “ISP West” we got the broken one exchanged ( “All’s well that ends well”, Shakespeare would say! Everything is good now and we... Read more