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Love goes ‘round the world

Dezember 14, 2011 Herbie's World Tour 0

“The News Review” – a weekly newspaper here in Ridgecrest, California – brought out a nice story about us and Herbie “The Love Bug” going around the world in today’s issue. The article is written by Linda Saholt. Read more

Good “shocking” news

Finally we got the right shocks for Herbie. We ordered four new ones by Monroe (made in the US) – Domi’s favorites! It was as it used to be here in the Mojave desert a nice and warm day – great to work outside. The reason why Domi likes the Monroe shocks the most is probably because we had the same brand of shocks on our back wheels while touring all around the globe. And now they are supposed to be even better, because they... Read more

Herbie’s World Tour Fully Reloaded

Dezember 13, 2011 Herbie's World Tour 0

We got a brand new blog: Herbie is fully reloaded and we are back on the road in order to explore the world together. As we are members of “DLV Aircooled Community” you’ll still find our latest posts of our ongoing trip around the globe on here too. Read more

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Domi installed the new lid lock in the back. He was able to lock the hood after that but he couldn’t unlock it again because the pin wouldn’t go inside totally, so Domi guesses. We spoke to “ISP West” where we bought this spare part and we are so thankful that we’ll receive a very new lid lock as an exchange for the broken one. Read more

Ready to go?

Dezember 9, 2011 Herbie's World Tour 0

Herbie and the camper are doing quite well now. So we’d be ready to go to South America. But we decided to stay in California for Christmas. We turned on some Christmas lights and people who pass by are enjoying the show. Read more

Herbie at the Trona Pinnacles

Dezember 7, 2011 Herbie's World Tour, Photo Shoots 0

It was an amazing photo session with our Herbie at the Trona Pinnacles – a National Natural Landmark just outside of Trona, California. Don’t get bored! You’ll just see big stones, train tracks and a VW Bug Herbie replica from 1963. Read more

Don’t forget the keys…

As we’re planning to go to South America we bought a new engine lid lock including keys which we didn’t have. Read more

“Shocking” news

Domi was pretty disappointed when he inspected the package he received yesterday. We ordered four new shocks for Herbie but the ones we got are obviously a very different type. Read more