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New caravan

November 20, 2012 Allgemein 0

Flo has bought once again something new. This time it should be a caravan. On the internet found and immediatly bought. A “Dübener Ei” from the year 1982. It has the VIN 1062 which also corresponds approximately to the time produced pieces. There is still a lot of work in the vehicle but Flo hopes to get it back on the road in summer. Details to his current vehicle fleet soon. Here are some details and the history about the caravan: Equipment and purchase priceThe... Read more

New Member

November 15, 2012 Allgemein 0

We are glad to welcome Christopher and his ‘61 bug called “Eisenstein” in our Community! Read more

Mister Canister

November 9, 2012 Allgemein 0

Today Flo realized his idea of a portable soundsystem made of a petrol can. Read more

DLV goes VolksWorld Show

November 4, 2012 Allgemein 0

Tickets now available. Don’t miss it! Read more


November 1, 2012 Photo Shoots 0

We thought it’s time for a new banner picture for the DLV-Blog. So Christian, Benjamin, Domi, Flo, Georgy and Ali met last weekend with their rides at the car park of the Shopping Center Nord in Vienna. After that we visited Friedrich at his garage. The small one-way street counted one buggy, two Trabants and nine and a half Bugs! Read more

Going to Berlin

Oktober 28, 2012 Trips 0

Domi and Flo went to Berlin to get Friedrich one of the famous caravans called „Dübener Ei“ and a Trabant which he had bought on eBay. Christopher was also there in order to buy a Trabant wagon. The condition of the vehicles was more than bad out of the Trabant from Christopher. They fix the trailer as best they could and set off for home. It was a troublesome journey with a refractive apart trailer, and a non-braking Trabant. Read more

Back to Original 1,200 cc

Domi finished his work on the engine of Herbie No. II. Instead of the fuel injected 1,600 cc, the Love Bug got now his original 1,200 cc back. The motor came from a burnt out Volkswagen Bug made in Mexico. Domi installed new cylinders and pistons as well as an additional modern type oil filter. Herbie is now ready to go A-F-R-I-C-A! Flo from DLV and Friedrich helped Domi putting the “new” engine together and also surprised him with a very special feature – a... Read more